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HiFive Media - Design

Corporate identity

Brand identity plays a vital role in placing your business in the minds of stakeholders. Every creative move and display designs speaks a ton about your brand image. We, at HiFive Media, develop your business brand strategy by carefully taking into account various aspects that make your brand.
Services we offer in this are are:

  • Logo design
  • Brand audit
  • Business guide design
  • Branding
  • Stationary design


The customers are more happy to receive a hardcopy of your marketing material than to see lots of online material and go through it. We create a visual language that helps your brand not only stand the test of time but generate universal appeal across diverse cultures across the world through a blend of colour and design.

Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


The internet is a visual agent.. design must be more captivating, eye-catching and thrilling. Design defined brand’s web presence. We, at HiFive Media, believe design plays a larger role than being eye candy. That’s where our team of proficient designers bring the best of visual appeal and functionality to create experience zones out of webpages.

HiFive Media designs the following:

  • Brochures and Flyers (print and online)
  • Case Studies (print and online)
  • Whitepaper and Research reports
  • Newsletters (print and online)
  • Infographics (online)
  • Product catalogs (print and online)
  • Magazine (print and online)
  • Emailers (online)
  • Landing pages (online)
  • Web banners (online)
  • Advertisement (print and online)
  • Print Ad banners
  • Car wrap designs


Video enhance conversion rates. ...
Video is a great extension to email marketing drives..
Search engines love videos...
Video builds trust and believability. ...
Video boost social shares...
Our experts are with excellent video advertising strategies that Improve brand awareness and direct response.


The mobility and color of animation grabs attention, explains right away, demonstrates what has yet to be realized and is a compelling marketing tool when precisely tailored to your target.
The HiFive Media marketing experts say animation provide:

  • Entertainment & Memorability
  • Visual & Emotional Stimulation
  • Supplemental Professionalism
  • Brand Expansion & Market Transcendence

at a bargain. We hand over gifts that reflects the brand and essence of your company.

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