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Facebook Creator Studio to Save Time on Social Media

With social media platforms releasing new features every day, things can start to seem cluttered. However, it’s just not worth missing out on any of them.

Thanks to Facebook Creator Studio, community managers now have a great tool to plan, schedule, analyze, and monetize their activities across Facebook Pages and, now, on Instagram accounts too. All of this can be done without logging in and out of multiple dashboards.

You can easily access Facebook Creator Studio if you own or manage a Facebook Page. Though the features you can use as an owner or manager may differ, this tool is worth a shot.

What’s Facebook Creator Studio?

This valuable tool can act as a one-stop shop for marketers, creators, and other users of Facebook and/or Instagram. Want to know how?

You can use it to publish content, analyze how your content is performing, and enhance your online marketing strategy.

Let’s take a quick look at the features that make this tool so worthy.

How Does Facebook Creator Studio Aid Post Scheduling?

If you’re a community manager, you probably know the value of scheduling posts in advance. Not only does it help you save time, but it also helps you plan out your social media content calendar.

Facebook Creator Studio allows you to schedule posts on both Facebook and Instagram. Let’s find out how.

1. Is scheduling a post via Facebook Creator Studio easy?

Since scheduling posts was always a built-in feature on Facebook, it isn’t the most sought-after feature on Facebook Creator Studio.

But how does its scheduling feature work?

To save or schedule posts in Facebook Creator Studio, you need to follow the basic steps of composing a post. Then, click on the arrow next to Publish, which will give you two options:

  1. Saving: This allows you to work on the post before publishing it. You can find this post in the Drafts section later.
  2. Scheduling: You can determine a future time and date for the post to go live.

What makes the scheduling process less complex is its Content Library feature. A tab within Facebook Creator Studio, this library gives you an overview of all of the posts scheduled across your Facebook Pages.

It also enables you to narrow your search using filters like:

  • Post type: Photos, videos, links, text, etc.
  • Post status: Posted, expiring, scheduled, drafted, etc.
  • Time frame: View posts from a particular month or year
Image via Facebook

2. What’s scheduling a post on Instagram Creator Studio like?

Until quite recently, scheduling posts on Instagram was a headache for social media managers. Due to API restrictions posed by Instagram, the available third-party apps designed for this task didn’t provide satisfactory options.

Today, Facebook Creator Studio enables native Instagram scheduling legitimately. All you need is an Instagram account linked to your Creator Studio dashboard.

Then, using the Create Post button at the top left of the screen, you can choose to post to your Instagram feed or IGTV channel.

Image via Facebook

Using the Instagram Creator Studio, you can add multiple images, tag people in photo posts, turn off comments, and even tag business partners in branded content.

Once you’re done adding all of the details, you can either post right away or schedule your post just like you do for Facebook.

Image via Facebook

You can now schedule your Instagram posts and IGTV videos up to six months in advance — a feature that marketers are going gaga over.

Note: You can’t schedule Stories for both Facebook and Instagram as of yet.

Most brands received Instagram Creator Studio and its posts scheduling feature positively. Not only will this feature refine social media strategies, but it;ll also partly eliminate the 24/7 staffing model.

Facebook Creator Studio Analytics for Facebook and Instagram Insights

Is posting good content on your social media channels enough? Not really. As a professional marketer, you should go the extra mile and review how your posts are doing.

Social media analytics are crucial because they enable you to:

  • Find out what your followers like
  • Evaluate the efficacy of your social media marketing strategy
  • Determine their overall impact on your business
  • Make the necessary alterations to your social media campaigns

The insights section on Facebook Creator Studio is as clean and concise as you’d expect it to be.

Want to learn more?

1. Facebook Creator Studio analytics for your Facebook content

The Insights tab for Facebook spills out important information regarding your video posts, which includes:

  • Performance: You can get information about the number of minutes your videos were viewed for, the number of times your videos were played, the engagement levels of your videos, etc.
Image via Facebook
  • Loyalty: You can keep track of the total number of new followers you gain and track users who are viewing complete videos and those who are rewatching your content
  • Audience: It can help you understand your audience better by finding out their age and gender
  • Retention: You can find out the average minutes each video gets viewed for
  • Earnings: This is only applicable for those pages that have in-stream ads and/or fan subscriptions. You can find out if your Facebook Page is eligible for monetization here.

Note: The Insights section is principally equipped to give overall statistics about your content. For metrics related to one particular post, you should head to the Content Library tab.

For insights about nonvideo content, you can head to your Facebook Page and click on “Insights.”

Image via Facebook

Digging into these statistics can help you enhance your social media marketing strategies with relevant data and make more informed decisions.

Image via Facebook

That’s not all.

Facebook Creator Studio also gives you insights about the performance of your Instagram content.

2. Instagram Creator Studio analytics for your desktop

Facebook Creator Studio enables you to view insights for Instagram on a desktop. What’s worth noticing is you can view the same insights on your smartphone application as well.

Though this might not seem like a huge breakthrough, many marketers are appreciating the sheer convenience of desktop viewing.

Want to discover what insights it provides?

The first section in Instagram Creator Studio’s Insights tab is “Activity.” It gives you facts and figures about accounts reached through your posts, website clicks, etc. This tab is extremely useful when it comes to evaluating the sort of engagement your content is producing.

Image via Facebook

The second tab generates information pertaining to your followers. In addition to revealing their age and gender, it tells you when your audience is online and where they’re from.

Image via Facebook

These details can help marketers determine the most appropriate times to post their content so they can generate optimal results.

Lastly, you should note the Content Library tab offers insights about individual Instagram posts — and Stories too. All you need to do is click on the concerned post.

Other Valuable Features of Facebook Creator Studio

While post scheduling and insight generation are popular features of Facebook Creator Studio, it doesn’t end there. So what else is there?

There’s a host of other features you can use to your advantage to win more business, which include:

1. Monetization

Monetizing your Facebook Page will enable you to earn some bucks through your content. However, whether or not your Page is eligible depends on a number of factors.

Facebook Creator Studio not only tells you of your eligibility status but also reveals tips that can help you achieve and maintain good monetary results.

Image via Facebook

Facebook also allows its users to earn money by including short ads before, during, or after their video content. You can either have Facebook place ads automatically or choose to do so by yourself.

Who would have thought that Facebook, too, could help generate direct revenue from video content?

2. Rights Manager

Protecting your content is important. The Rights Manager feature helps you protect your copyrighted content on Facebook and Instagram using reference files uploaded by you.

To utilize the benefits of this feature, you’ll have to apply for it.

The possibility of policing Facebook content has existed for a while now. However, Facebook Creator Studio has made it easier than ever.

3. Sound Collection

In addition to monetizing and analyzing the performance of your social media content, Facebook Creator Studio has also made content creation easier.

You can now browse through free and legal music tracks and sound effects and use them to create engaging videos for Facebook and Instagram.

Image via Facebook

By offering filters to narrow down on genres, moods, duration, and vocals, the Sound Collection feature has managed to win the hearts of many video content creators.

4. Pages

This section permits users to create a new page and add and assign Page roles to new members. You can also upload (single or multiple) videos and go Live on Facebook through this section.

5. Hashtags

When you’re scheduling posts on Instagram Creator Studio, this tool provides you with relevant hashtag suggestions.

6. Inbox

Facebook Creator Studio also offers an inbox view. This allows users to manage and respond to messages you receive on both Facebook and Instagram.

Image via Facebook

Drawbacks of Facebook Creator Studio and How to Overcome Them

No tool can be perfect. Though Facebook Creator Studio scores quite well, here are some of its shortcomings.

Worried? Don’t be! We’ve also suggested some alternative tools that can help you overcome those shortcomings, allowing you to run your social media marketing campaigns smoothly.

Hashtag suggestions

While the tool provides you with hashtag suggestions, it doesn’t provide any data on their follower count.

Monthly reporting

Instagram Creator Studio doesn’t support monthly reporting — a practice that’s extremely helpful when you want to discover what you’re good at and what you lack.

Feed planner

Facebook Creator Studio is devoid of a feed plannerthat shows a preview of all of the posts scheduled on Instagram.

Planoly and Preview are great tools that can help you with this.

Facebook Creator Studio Guide: Summing it Up

Facebook Creator Studio is almost like a one-stop solution for content management on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s highly likely Facebook will address the issues I’ve mentioned above in the coming time and gradually add these missing features. Until then, you should make the most out of their existing features.

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