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Outdoor Ads

HiFive Media - Outdoor

Strategies That Will Foster Your Brand like Crazy

Outdoor marketing!!! - Ohh! that's so Uncool!!! Street advertising..

Well, that's not entirely true. Outdoor marketing placement isn't a failure factor of a marketing campaign. It’s all about how innovative and persuasive your advert is; making outdoor marketing still very efficient. And trust us, with the digital shift, a lot of people left behind outdoor marketing without thinking twice. Outdoor marketing is a great chance for your brand to reach a huge audience. It’s also your chance to be innovative and get your brand more exposure than online.

The reason outdoor advertising is powerful is because it is irresistible. Billboards cannot be hidden the way you close a popup window. And the audience end up consuming the information without even realizing it. Outdoor marketing is pervasive and exquisite at the same time. No one is forced to look into your ads.

Outdoor marketing does a great job by constantly reminding people of your brand. Keep in mind that visibility breeds familiarity; familiarity builds up trust. At The HiFive Media we will help you to reach your customers and build some familiarity, then outdoor marketing can help you more

Here are our few proven outdoor marketing strategies that can boost your brand visibility
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Street furniture advertising

Street furniture advertising - all about using equipment like benches, bus shelters, kiosks, parking garages to display ads. Street furniture ad’s audiences usually have the time to check out the ad and even take pictures and make life in the city easier and more enjoyable.

Billboards and Bridge Banners

People are attracted to oversized and colorful visuals. Our large sized and location based billboards can be impossible to miss. The more entertaining and creative hoardings is, the more impact on customers.

Sticker marketing

They are low cost and long-lasting. With stickers, your customers become your own brand advocates. Stickers are usually given for free as gifts and decorative items more than promotion material.

Digital OOH -

Digital OOH - displaying static, motion and animation type advertising over a predetermined time loop that works with the traffic signal to a captive audience, maximizing exposure.

Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising - is displayed on public transportation such as bus, train, subway, taxis or public transportation areas like bus stations, subway stations, airports, etc. Those places are usually are waiting spots. And wherever there are people waiting, there’s potential for advertising. Our objective is to display your ads constantly in front of riders and get them familiarized with your brand.

Retail advertising

Retail advertising - ads at stores, malls, and shopping centers; promoting your brand at retail location and invite the audience to visit the store. Retail advertising is displayed on wide spaces that take up a large surface on walls, roofs, floors, windows or screens. We help you to raise awareness about the brand. The main objective of retail advertising is to compel customers to visit the stores close by.

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